Today I want to write about support centers for people who have been abused sexually. There's one named SMISO and one named DIXI here in Oslo and after reading about it and getting in touch I can see that they've got yoga, a music group, arts and craft, hiking trips, support groups and employes you can talk to without having to go so far as to see a shrink. They offer emotional support if you have to go to the doctor or things like that, because many of the users find that type of thing difficult and there's even a 24/7 hour phoneline.

If you've experienced sexual abuse you can contact SMISO or DIXI and they're both just as good, but different and it doesn't matter which one you choose. Just go with the one that is right for you and if you're not ready, that's OK too, but help is out there. This offer is also free, it's open for anyone who lives in Norway, no matter what age or gender, but if you live in a different country you can hopefully look online to find something similar in your country. Or talk to someone, you're not alone.

Hugs & Kisses