This day has been a reminder of how quickly things can change. There was a storm... Thunder and lightening and rain that came down in buckets. The Captain patted me consolingly on the back, but I felt sure we'd die as the thunder cracked louder than a bomb. Then, as time passed, the rain turned into sunshine, the waves dissapeared and a beautiful sunset made the remaining clouds look pink. As we headed towards land, as if on cue, there was a beautiful display of fireworks by the docks. I was just happy that I didn't wind up in Davy Jones' Locker. I was laughing with my colleagues when we were down below on the boat having gourmet food for lunch and I felt happy today. Spirits were high when the day was finally over and all the cleaning was drawing to an end, I let them talk me into going out. I had one alcohol free ginger beer, one coffee that the bartender gave me for free and one particular conversation that felt heartwarming.

I almost forgot, I got another modelling job while I was at Espresso House this morning. I guess I'm feeling rather excited about it. I also got to bring food home with me from work today, which is always nice. The others were set on going out for beers, so they didn't want any of it. I got the key for the boat so that I could pick it up and take a taxi home. Being in possession of this key for one of the largest boats feels like a real trust-thing. She also gave me compliments for my work and that felt nice.

I came home to find that the dandelions which the Lion gave me had changed. In death, I think they look even more beautiful and they carry on with their purpose as if untouched by it.