This is just something I wrote a long time ago, I remember feeling very happy with it and that I drew inspiration from an author that was part of an exhibition at an art gallery where I used to work in the past. Sadly I can't remember his name, but the thing that inspired me was how a lot of what he wrote appeared to be comepletely absurd. It was very difficult to figure out any meaning, but it also had a rhythm and it entertained me. This is what I wrote, a long time after I read the texts that inspired it. It was even on my old website, that's long gone now, but if any of my old readers are around you might still recognize it.

Join the others in the sun or stay in the darkness and flex

Create a box you’re comfortable in and in doing so remove any desire to think outside of it

Wear sweatpants to the store, to work, to bed

Buy prettier sweatpants to justify it

Swim the butterfly 


As if you’re dreaming

Smile at a random bird and pretend that the bird cares and that it likes you too

Deny yourself icecream

Choose yoghurt in stead and applaud yourself

Do your chores, always

Have you seen my reflection? I seem to have lost it

Perhaps it fell down the drain

I’m longing

Like glowing embers, I need you

As a friend

I am a butterfly

Choose candy in favor of drugs and feel ecstatic 

Be genuinely good

Too much coffee will cause a stomach ache

I am a butterfly and I love the way it feels when someone cups their hand around me and create prison bars with their fingers

I love it in retrospect and applaud myself for being such a good inmate

I am a coral reef in the presence of another

An exception from life could be life itself

Picking flowers is more important than paying the bills

Believing that it is the other way around is a misconception 

I wish that someone would go to the beach with me eventhough it's cloudy

We could have picked sea shells and touched things

And eachother

Others might judge us

I want to lay down on the grass with you

Simply because the idea got stuck

This was months ago

I am Peter Pan

Magic is real if you believe in it

If you tell the world that you’re not good enough it will believe you

If you tell the world that you can do anything, you will achieve more than you were capable of

Someone’s chasing you with a knife, you run a marathon

Love is still everything I imagined it would be

I CAN see the world through your eyes

As if I’m trying on a pair of glasses, but I’m handing them back to you

You’re not wrong exactly

Through your eyes there is no illusion, few reasons to cry and even less reason for dissapointment

But I am Peter Pan

Who decides what I am?

It's real if I believe in it

My happy ending

That's it, I hope you will enjoy it.