I've decided that I definitely need to make time for more rest from now on. Tomorrow is Saturday, I've got work again. I wanted to have fun before that, but these pictures illustrate my entire day even though there were many things I wanted to do. Sometimes it's better to just accept facts. I got the laundry done and went for a short walk in the nice weather, but that was pretty much it. I try to listen to my body when it get's too tired and I guess it was nice to quiet down for a while.

My colleagues asked me to join them out for drinks the other day, I said no again, but that I'd come with them next time and I meant it. I'm glad they asked me, I guess they really didn't mind that I didn't drink alcohol. This girl even mentioned how I could like, get a Munkholm, which is an alcohol free beer, if I wanted to. I thought that was kind. I didn't want to say no this time, but I wasn't feeling well, our last shift was hard on all of us and I think that was partly why they were all so keen on going out again. I don't think any of them have to work tomorrow though. It's probably just going to be me, one other guy and the Captain on this tiny boat. It will be OK now that I'm all rested and when I'm done with it, it's still going to be Saturday.

Tjommi say's goodnight