Team Models, the best modelling agency in Norway have offered me a place as one of their models in the category "young classics". It's been a while now, since I went to the casting, but here we are and they want me. As you know, I had to leave my previous agency so I risked standing there with no agency at all and I'm feeling very stunned, I'll probably feel really happy later on when the reality of it all has sunk in, but for now I'm all in a daze. Here are some of the photos that were taken two weeks ago. I was wearing no makeup, no bra and tightly fitting clothes. The photographer's name is Christian Bakstad. I'm not flawless, but this is considered the raw material and it's necassery to get these type of photos taken so the potential clients (idk what to call them) can get a proper look at what they've got to work with.

Theres something on my bottom lip!! Aaaaarrrrghhhh.....!!! Like, seriously? Do you have any idea how much time I spent making sure that everything was just perfect and then, beam! One dead skinflake ruins everything.

Oh well! They said I could come back and get new photos taken later on and anyway, I didn't realize just how flat my hair looked either. It was smeltering hot outside, in the middle of summer. I wore that skirt on my way over to the casting and even that thin layer was too much. Better come back in winter or something, when my hair is longer and fuller.

Until next time,