I'd been told to meet up at Operahuset so I turned up bright and early after getting my traditional latte. I always go for a latte before a shoot because model's aren't supposed to eat anything at least eight hours before the photo's are taken. This time I got an iced vanilla latte at Espresso House and brought it outside with me, because even though it was a bit cloudy today, the weather was still warm.

Part of me wants to leave and never come back. I've always wanted to go. There's nothing wrong with this, the city itself and I know that I'm lucky, but I've always hated it here.

The shoot was amazing. It really was by the beach. The look was very revealing and as expected, I had to go into the water. My hair was supposed to have that wet look and when I got to see some of the photo's on the tiny display on one of the cameras, they looked sexy. I really liked them and I enjoyed posing for this type of shoot. I guess I'm not too shy like that after all. I did feel a bit insecure about my body to begin with, but I forgot all about that as I got into the water, it was too much fun. We also did two different shoots on land with some jackets.

Hugs & Kisses