Guess what? You´re now looking at one of the future sailors of these really nice and old fashioned ships. It´s safe to say, that I'm high as a kite and tomorrow, it´s time for my photoshoot! I´m all packed. I had to bring extra underwear and warm clothes because we´re shooting outside all day. They even specially arranged vegan food for me, isn´t that mad cool? I love raspberries... I´d eat them every day if I could and someday I want to be able to do that. Little things like that, you know, like being able to get coffee at my favourite cafe on a regular basis or just being able to buy the clothes that I like. I'll make some decent money from this job, so I'm really pleased and I love the ocean. I'm from the north of Norway and being out at sea, catching fresh fish for dinner, those are some of my happies childhood memories.

Hugs & Kisses,