Tjom tjom!

Real leather, custom-made, designed to suit my personality, with turquoise rocks, a black metal heart, light pink fur on the inside with matching pink stiching on the outside.

This is from my room, I get my own room to use when I want to be alone, work etc. So I brought my lights. I might even get to paint the walls in lavender.

Breakfast in bed the morning after for lucky me.

Today I visited my best friend. We cooked vegetarian food again, talked and exercised a bit. We're going shopping when the clothing stores open up again this week and we're going to become workout-buddies again like we used to be before. This drawing is the first thing that greeted me when I walked inside the door!

It say's "Welcome Nina"

I had a really lovely time. This is from right now... :) Vibing.

aand these are just some photo's I've taken previously since last time...

Perfect espresso every morning. Or latte, or espresso macchiato, whatever I want!

my favourite snack also...

You fed me protein pancakes... Aw..! I waited many years for these. Like, literally. This stuff lasts forever, so the mixture is still fine and it's just been sitting here, waiting, for years.

I should tell you something. I wouldn't have written about it because I don't want to be a bad rolemodel, but you'll be able to see the difference, so there's no point trying to hide it. On the day after tomorrow I'm having one minor cosmetical surgery procedure done. It's a very small alteration, but the effect will be quite something. Before you ask, it's not silicone. I would never get silicone implants because I love my small breasts just the way they are, actually they're my favourite feature. But I guess I will just show you the result when I'm all healed rather than trying to explain. It will probably heal rather quickly anyway, since the alteration is so slight when it comes down to it. (Minor alteration, big result.)

I know that I'm a beautiful girl (my perfect boyfriend says so) and I probably won't do anything like this ever again. Actually it seems sort of wild that I'm going through even with this. It's not the most common operation to get done, I wasn't even sure that there would be a name for it, but thankfully there was a name for it and I really believe that the result will be super special! Its like the missing piece that will bring out so much more personality/ charisma to my look. Dunno how else to describe it... But you will just have to wait and see.

Remember when I received money after the law suit because of the abuse? This is what I really wanted to spend it on, so since it makes me happy I feel very OK with this. Nervous and excited. Though I think its important I mention that I would be OK with not having this procedure done as well. Looks arent everything! Not by a long shot and I'm just so happy to be alive and healthy atm. I'm appreaciating every single day to the fullest.