Valentine's day 2021

Valentine's day is tomorrow, but my boyfriend already gave me a new stuffed animal and a ton of my favourite candy. He even offered to buy me confectionary again and I actually said no thank you because I felt like I was carrying too much candy already, so I guess that means we jumped the gun? I don't know what to get him though. What do you get a man for Valentine's day? He already got sweets while we were at the candy store...

The book I'm holding is my book on astrophysics. The subject was harder than I imagined and I need some tutoring for the mathematical bit. So far I've learned a tiny amount and I don't even know if I'll pass this subject, but I'll try! Today I'm working on my essay for my history subject on England. I actually made some headway last night before staying up for hours playing a new game with my boyfriend while stuffing myself with candy and popcorn. I'm reading an interesting book as part of my research material and it's called Liberty's Dawn by Emma Griffin. It includes material from real diary entries written by working class people living through the Industrial Revolution in England and I only inteded to read parts of it for my essay, but now I'm certain I'll read the whole thing for pleasure.

I hope you're all doing OK. The ladybug's name is Lady.

Happy Valentine's day,