Vintage treasure

This is the first time in my life that I have ever actually liked my wardrobe. It's something that has always had a massive impact on my self-esteem, but I couldn't do much about it. I was always praying that this day would come, but I was never able to afford the right clothes. Not even the basics, really. There was always a lot missing, no matter which time of year. Being poor sucks! However, we don't have to get rich either and I'm about to show you why.

Ye ye, my shoes are dirty. This sportswear is perfect for me. The top is from Nike, the bottom Idk, but it goes well together!

At this point in my life I am neither rich nor poor, but I am aaalmost not missing a single thing in my wardrobe. I was even struggling to close a few of my drawers by the time I'd finished rummaging through my treasure sack of vintage clothing.

It's a combination of a lot of things. This surprise gift, my own vintage shopping, my materialistic shopping spree and the fact that I know my own style now. That I took the time to learn how to better understand fashion, it's something that I think would make a lot of people feel more confident! Not because we have to follow what's in fashion, but because it will change the way we percieve clothes and our experience when we go shopping. Also the fact that I took good care of those things that were good from the past. Like my blue Valentino purse or my vintage Levi's jacket... I'm sitting here, years later, having just experienced what it's like to be able to open every single drawer and to spot something, or maybe even more than one something or almost all things that I actually like. To sifle through the hangers, touching real silk, garments from Steen & Strøm, some of which I bought first-hand (a really posh mall here in Norway) and high end labels. Knowing exactly who I am in terms of style and knowing that I can dress for any occasion without blinking. I thought I would never make it to this day! And it might never have happened, if not for Environmentalistic fashion.

This croptop is from a label that I'm not familiar with and it came with a matching cardigan. This style is in right now and I think it looks sexy af. The fabric is in good quality. These jeans were also in there, they're obviously from a good label and remind me of a pair I wanted by Ralph Lauren. I was also thinking of buying a croptop just like this one.

I didn't take photos of all of the clothes, that's not the most important thing here. Through this post and many others I am simply trying to paint a picture. I'm trying to show people the value of secondhand and vintage clothing. How it can open up doors and make the impossible possible. How you can have everything you ever wanted. So, these are some of my favourite pieces. The first piece, the dress, is by Marie Philippe and it's something I'm planning on wearing for autumn and not for spring or summer. The reason I don't want to wear it now is because the colors are just a bit too dark, deep and warm. Which is the perfect palette for autumn.

I got more from Marie Philippe, a real silk blouse in lavender.

I also got one white blouse by Malene Birger

and of course, this sweater that I already showed you and actually loads more, by Jean Paul.

This sweater... We all know it. I never understood what the big deal was, but I tried it on and actually, it's pretty cute. I guess I could wear it from time to time.

There was loads more, even some pieces with the the pricetag still on. It's actually incredible what will fit into one plastic garbage bag, but my point is that- this isn't garbage. If I hadn't told you, you would never have known that any of these clothes were hand-me-downs. So there's nothing wrong with them. These clothes are fabulous and so am I. My favourite is the real silk blouse by Marie Philippe in lavender. These clothes are still in good condition and the reason why I like labels such as Armani or Jean Paul is because the fabrics, the execution and the detailing of the items are more often than not- in good quality. I'll clean these clothes and admire them, I'll cherish them and guess what? You can do it too!

You can have it too. Rich or poor, it doesn't matter. Because there is already enough stuff for everyone. Enough, so that we can all lead that popular luxurious life full of things that we desire. Enough for us all to live in peace and to share. Really share, not just fake-share. So that those who have fallen behind can get an education. So that everything, planet Earth, could become a more balanced place with more balanced beings. Through Environmentalistic fashion we can mix and match the new with the old and if we save some money this way and by taking better care of our possessions we can donate more money to charities. We can support science, WWF, The international Red Cross, Unicef or any other charity and still look like Barbie dolls, angels and rockstars. We decide what's cool and I think that Environmentalistic fashion is cool because if enough people thought so, we could end all suffering and build a new world together by directing more of our collective focus and energy toward the things that matter more. Like science. Like, to educate those who have fallen behind. So that we could all be beautiful. Both on the inside and on the outside. This is my dream, my goal. I am Captain Nina. Watch me as I attempt to make it as a real star.

The End

In other news, I might not be done with my time of abstinence and celibacy after all. I didn't actually do anything "wrong", I haven't been with any guys or girls, I haven't had any alcohol or done anything wrong at all, well besides shopping anyway... The only change is that there's this really cute guy... And I might go on a date with him. But if he likes me for real, then maybe he'll still like me, even if I'm hard to get? I think I'll stick to it with my abstinence for now. I'm not ready to give it up yet. It actually felt good. I've also decided to become a vegetarian again, because I've been one now for quite a while and I'm comfortable with it. The hardest part, the one that always ruins it for me is when I'm offered food by friends as a guest. I find it very hard to refuse, because I don't want to be rude. I don't know how to get over that, but maybe I should just say no? Yes, I will say no.

I'm going outside to exercise now actually. Been working on this all day.

Happy Easter!

Captain Nina