We're going on a holiday

We're going on the 30th of April if all goes well and we're staying until the 9th of May. I simply want to experience this holiday with gratitude and take some photos that are first and foremost, the kind of photos one would put into a family album in order to remember a part of life. We're going to Gran Canaria to a hotel that looks like a little castle and then we're travelling in order to experience culture the next time we travel. Hopefully to Japan, but for now we just wanted to relax. It's been difficult for my boyfriend to get time off, we also wanted to wait until things had cooled down with corona. We considered going to Japan or something like that straight away, but after all of these years what I really want to do first of all is to go to the beach and breathe.

- Ⓝⓘⓝⓐ