Wishing America & their new president the best

Good things happen. Such courage and genuinity, the whole world was watching and now people are dancing in the streets. I'm happy too. We want peace and growth, we want good progress, progress that will lead to a better world for everybody and with Joe Biden as the new president of America our hearts are filled with hope. Even those of us watching from the outside are filled with true belief that things will work out.

I'm just some random person living in a small, but peaceful country called Norway and I've always struggled to keep up with the news and to understand politics, but even I can tell when I'm watching history in the making.

I want to just write a normal update today, no articles or anything. Because many of the social activities surrounding the university and more has closed down again. The ballet performance is cancelled with only two more rehersals left before the show. My first exam is due soon and I've been working a lot on an essay that's due by the end of this month.

I've been very isolated in the past as a result of the abuse, long before the pandemic broke out and that's been one of the most painful chapters of my life so I find this situation challenging. But on the whole my life is still much better since the pandemic broke out, even during the first lockdown I was happier than I used to be. The only people to really turn to though are my friends and right now most of them are unavailable for different reasons, but this situation won't last forever, not everything is closing down and at least there's always Zoom 🤪

To keep myself stimulated between studying for hours on end I'll carry on with my at-home ballet workouts. I'd just started working out at Athletica which is the gym connected to my uni, but now that's closed down too. Those at-home workouts were incredibly effective though because with ballet staying in one place is no problem with a barre and all, because you're just using your own bodyweight. I'll also be stargazing while going on my regular walks, now that wintertime is coming. I'll also make use of any other opportunities for socializing responsibly (including zoom).

My bestfriend and I had some plans made up for December to bake a gingerbread house. I doubt I'll be celebrating Christmas so I was really looking forward to it. Now I'm worried that he might cancel, but as soon as all my exams are over I've got other plans for December as well. They're the opposite of fun and leisurely, but distracting all the same. Just some extensive writing/ work I've been meaning to get done. I'm not looking forward to it, but once I get into it it might be OK. I could always make some Christmas coco to go with it or even something a bit stronger! 😊🎅

This photo is from one of my walks, I just love the stars.

Everything will be OK,