You don't need a fancy gym or new clothes to exercise, all you need is yourself and a bit of motivation!

The shoes are at least six years old and I basically got these clothes for free secondhand. I can't really afford the gym or to carry on with any of my sports right now, but that doesn't mean that I can't exercise! It's getting warmer outside and I can do laps of butterfly in the ocean this summer and until then, the world is my playground. (Edit; I actually did it, you know. I did swim butterfly in the ocean. More than once.)

I've been using these wooden climbing frames when I've been out running lately, they're like the ones you'll find in the playgrounds only that these are for exercises. I stumbled across them out there in the forest all abandoned and rustic-like. I'm a child at heart in case you didn't know, but I often feel that exercise is how the adults get to play. That if you see it that way and not as a chore, it can become a real sanctuary. Somewhere to let go of everything else for a while.

Hugs & Kisses