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Through anything you buy from Utopia designs at least 25% of the money will always go to charity. Utopia designs features not only vintage, but anything that goes. The more exquisite the better, because maybe then we'll get closer to Utopia as we gradually even out the differences in the world. 

Thought I might enter into a summer program to become a founder (gründer) as I get further into my education and go on to a bachelor at uni called Culture and communication, as opposed to Inter while aiming for a deskjob at Amnesty for example, because I'd rather do something new and exciting to see whether that could benefit the charities!

I'll keep a record of how much money goes to charity and the customers will always recieve proof of this transaction.

Updates frequently as items get sold, or as I get hold of new items. The main charity for now will be the International Red Cross because they help both children and adults alike who's needs are acute. Dream of collaborating with Amnesty in the future because they do great things to prevent torture, ideally I want an entire line (of hats for example) specifically aimed to prevent torture, but for now ICRC is such a broad one. Only doing sales within Norway for now!

Amount gone to charity so far: 

                                                       Items up for sale


Blue fairytale dress, secondhand from Chi Chi London.


Never been worn, it's only ever been tried on (the model in the photo is wearing underwear). Rescembling Alice in Wonderland on her journey from child to adult.


Size M. Thick fabric, good quality, lace with attention to detailing. No damage.

Price: 40$ (380NOK) 25% goes to charity. 


Secondhand sandals, worn once, by Zara.

Size 39. Seethrough plastic. No damage.

Price: 20$ (191NOK) 50% goes to charity.